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The right thing would be to tell him you noticed these emails, tell him how you feel about it, and pay careful attention to the way he reacts -- body language, emotions, words -- and run it through the filter of what you know about him already.Then you decide whether this is something, and he is someone, you need to worry about.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for almost two and a half years. I recently discovered that he (unlike me) has kept his online profile this entire time.Her boyfriend, The Weeknd, just launched his new collaboration with Puma on Thursday and Selena looked more than happy to show them off.Selena’s joggers have unfortunately sold out, however you can still grab yourself her electric blue cropped tee from Shopbop by clicking on the link to the right.We have found options from Pretty Little Thing, Asos and Miss Selfridge.

Selena Gomez and friend Theresa Mingus looked like they were having fun in the air in a pic of the pair on a private jet recently.Selena is also seen wearing the Puma xo parallel boot which you can buy from Offspring to complete the look.Check out our pick of alternative tops in the carousel below.Saying you "know" someone is not cheating is also a mistake, because it, too, is a step toward closing your mind to negative information.You may be confident he's not cheating, or not worried that he's cheating, or comfortable with your ability to sense when someone is cheating, etc., but you don't "know." No one knows about anyone but themselves, and the sooner we get comfortable with that, the better we handle the vagaries of any relationship.

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