Consentration camps for homosexuals

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Consentration camps for homosexuals

“Chechnya is a specific region and human rights don’t exist there,” said Zaharava.

“It’s almost impossible to be an open LGBT person in Chechnya, that is why people are so stigmatized, and why the gay victims’ parents wouldn’t cooperate with law enforcement [in investigating the disappearances].

‘That’s why we have called on Russian authorities to take all measures possible to investigate the allegations made by the Novaya Gazeta informants, meanwhile we make every effort to obtain as much information as we can.’ LGBT rights groups are now trying to expose the ‘camps’ in which gay men are being kept.

Alexander Artmyev from Amnesty International spoke to uk.

A young man from Grozny came forward to say his friend was forced to confess to being a homosexual.

Around 100 men have been apprehended in the region and put in the first camps for LGBT people since the Holocaust. The majority-Muslim region is said to be using the camps to force homosexuals to promise to leave the republic.

Adding: ‘The Russian LGBT Network is ready to evacuate people.’ The precarious situation for LGBT men in recent years began with President Putin’s clampdown on gay rights in 2013.

Alexander Artemyev from Amnesty International Russia told uk: ‘This case is one of the most difficult we ever dealt with.’ Although the group can not independent verify claims of camps, Artemyev said ‘Given the very homophobic environment and “honour killing” practices in Chechnya it’s almost impossible to get any verified information as people are too afraid to talk.

“They call us and say they’re scared, or their friends are missing, or they’ve managed to escape and they need help.” One victim was reportedly beaten with a hose and strapped to a homemade “electric chair,” where he forced him to divulge the names of other gay men.

Others tell of being forced to fight fellow prisoners.

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