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My initial plan for this piece was to invite an open discussion about modern-day dating with the MTB juxtaposition, but as I began to write, I felt myself ranting, venting and pouring myself in until I eventually decided to sod my intentions and just write it all out there.My MTB dating diary entries will drag you along to share the high's and low's of my dating life whilst introducing you to some of the characters I've had the delightful ?

Indeed, someone caught my eye and I snooped to find no trace of a female across any of their social media pages.

Some women I know find it empowering, confidence inspiring and just a bit of fun, which is totally fine.

So long as no one feels pressured to send them, then go right ahead.

We resumed messaging briefly with funny low-brow quips until it felt like I was trying to get blood from a stone, so I stopped and finally gave up.

To this day I have no idea whether it was a date, if anything, or what he felt about me, if anything, and now too much time has passed to ever find out.

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The non-date-kinda-date went well, or so I thought. After the non-date-maybe-date, I didn't hear much from him.

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