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The cap of 125,000 had just barely been reached by the outbreak of World War II in 1941.

During the Second World War, Navy officer service numbers were extended to 350,000; these numbers were simply issued by entry date into the Navy officer corps without regard to membership in the Regular Navy or United States Navy Reserve.

Instead of the first number indicating a decade, this number now specified a recruiting district code.

By the start of World War II, the Navy was regularly issuing enlisted service numbers from the two through nine hundred series (200 00 01 - 999 99 99) with the first number indicating a recruiting code and the last six a personal identifier.

There was much discussion within the Navy as to which Navy officer should receive Navy service #1, with suggestions ranging from George Dewey to John Paul Jones.

In the end, the Navy never proceeded with the retroactive presentation of officer service numbers and the first five hundred numbers remained un-issued.

The two and three hundred series were being issued as planned, however by the beginning of the 1930s, it was realized that the Navy would quickly run out of service numbers especially if there was ever a major war requiring a vast number of enlistments.

As a result, the Navy created the "B" series with new enlisted numbers ranging from 10,001 to 99,999.In this way, the Navy felt that this service number system would cover all enlisted personnel to the end of the century.The retroactive service numbers in the 100 series were issued until the early 1930s when the Navy abandoned the project with several discharged and retired sailors still without 100 series service numbers.The new Navy officer numbers now extended to a cap of 800,000; service numbers had reached #670,900 by the year 1963.In 1971, with the service number cap of 800,000 nearly reached, the Navy extended officers numbers one final time to 999,999 which the Navy felt would cover all future officers to the end of the 20th century.

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This service number system remained unchanged after World War II and continued through the Korean War and into Vietnam.

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