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Kuhn structure of scientific revolutions online dating

He gained his master's degree in physics in 1946, and his doctorate in 1949, also in physics (concerning an application of quantum mechanics to solid state physics). At this time, and until 1956, Kuhn taught a class in science for undergraduates in the humanities, as part of the General Education in Science curriculum, developed by James B. This course was centred around historical case studies, and this was Kuhn's first opportunity to study historical scientific texts in detail.Kuhn was elected to the prestigious Society of Fellows at Harvard, another of whose members was W. His initial bewilderment on reading the scientific work of Aristotle was a formative experience, followed as it was by a more or less sudden ability to understand Aristotle properly, undistorted by knowledge of subsequent science.This enabled him to develop his interest in the philosophy of science.At Berkeley Kuhn's colleagues included Stanley Cavell, who introduced Kuhn to the works of Wittgenstein, and Paul Feyerabend.This thesis of incommensurability, developed at the same time by Feyerabend, rules out certain kinds of comparison of the two theories and consequently rejects some traditional views of scientific development, such as the view that later science builds on the knowledge contained within earlier theories, or the view that later theories are closer approximations to the truth than earlier theories.Most of Kuhn's subsequent work in philosophy was spent in articulating and developing the ideas in first aroused interest among social scientists, although it did in due course create the interest among philosophers that Kuhn had intended (and also before long among a much wider academic and general audience).is one of the most cited academic books of all time.

Kuhn claimed that science guided by one paradigm would be ‘incommensurable’ with science developed under a different paradigm, by which is meant that there is no common measure for assessing the different scientific theories.Kuhn then turned to the history of astronomy, and in 1957 he published his first book, .In 1961 Kuhn became a full professor at the University of California at Berkeley, having moved there in 1956 to take up a post in history of science, but in the philosophy department.While acknowledging the importance of Kuhn's ideas, the philosophical reception was nonetheless hostile.For example, Dudley Shapere's review (1964) emphasized the relativist implications of Kuhn's ideas, and this set the context for much subsequent philosophical discussion.

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