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Roberta Frattini, oltre a essere amministratore unico di Cardano, è l’anima del progetto; sfrutta la sua esperienza di fashion manager per scoprire le eccellenze artigianali italiane.I designer Fabio Frattini e Cesare Invernizzi, proprietari dello Studio YCS (, sono gli Art Director del progetto; il banker Raffaele Lovero e Alsa Capital i soci finanziatori.It has acquired an international reputation for the high quality of its products, the level of its service and the wide range of its designs and colors.Thanks to the renown of its ties, charvet has become a generic name for a certain type of silk fabric used for ties.Ama De Gregori, il cinema, le serie tv (quasi tutte), le patatine fritte e la Bice, la sua inseparabile Lakeland Terrier.Con la sua rubrica quotidiana The Little Box è una delle anime di

There were no shaping seams and no need for shirt patterns.This position was initially held, between 18 by count Augustin de Rémusat.When it appeared in 1811 Rémusat was mismanaging the wardrobe, which called for more propositions for the shirt front and a technical change.Though Charvet began to offer women’s blouses and men’s suits in its new store, men’s shirts remained the house’s specialty.An American journalist, visiting the store in 1909, reported “there were shirts of every variety and almost every color [,] artistic enough to make one long for them all, and each and every one most beautifully made.” and Charvet paid an “immense salary” to the window decorator, who displayed “each day a new series”, producing “veritable works of art in his harmonious combinations of scarves and handkerchiefs and hosiery”. collar, which became very popular at the end of the 19th century (Figure, right).

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