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They were committed to each other, in a monogamous union that they considered binding and duly respected.

Shortly after the couple had gotten married, Mr Govender passed away, without leaving a will.

The Intestate Succession Act was extended by the Constitutional Court to cover the following: However, to date, no challenge had been brought in respect of couples in Hindu marriages, as they continue to be excluded from the provisions of the Intestate Succession Act.

Even if the union had all the essential attributes of a South African marriage - which is a voluntary union for life with one man and one woman to the exclusion of others - a Hindu marriage which has not been registered in terms of the South African law is seen as invalid in the eyes of the courts.

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If you are choosing to have your wedding in the rainbow nation you will not be disappointed.All relevant documents can be found at Home Affairs.Your wedding can only be authorised by an official marriage officer.In 2006 South Africa became the 5 country in the world to accept same sex marriage under Civil Union Act.What you need to know Ensure that you are legally allowed to marry firstly.

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