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Mother Jones: So this film was inspired by a truck stop prostitute you met while hitchhiking from New York to San Francisco? It was midday at a truck stop in Ohio, and I was sitting on a bench outside the travel center. We were in the middle of talking about her grandchildren when a truck driver who looked like Santa Claus walked by.My camping bag lay on the table next to me and a cardboard sign with the word “WEST” scrawled on it. She offered to show him her breasts for , he took her up on it, and they walked off into the sunset.It makes sense from the truck stop’s perspective—they don’t want to alienate paying customers. AP: As one sex worker put it: “We sell our bodies, they sell their time—how different are those really?MJ: The film depicts both prostitutes and truckers as victims in this larger drama of human appetites and loneliness. ” Both truck drivers and sex workers were doing a job that wore them down emotionally, but the money was good enough to keep them working. In some cases, it seemed like truck drivers were taking advantage of sex workers, in others like sex workers were taking advantage of truck drivers, and, in a rare few, it seemed there was mutual respect. It seemed like she needed a sense of closure and empowerment., his hypnotic new documentary about truck stop prostitution.While his claim might sound hyperbolic—or like a canny bit of marketing—it rings true: He logged thousands of miles and hundreds of hours to make the film, braving roach motels, crack highs, and homicidal pimps.

It’s hard to confront your past when you’re struggling to redefine yourself.They had no outlets, but like everyone else had a need to express themselves and sort out their personal histories.Eventually we became their therapists—listening patiently, empathizing, asking questions, and being there for them to the best of our abilities.We had to bite the bullet on that because we just didn’t have the footage to deal with the issue of trafficking in a meaningful way that was consistent with the rest of the film.MJ: Describe the police or security presence on the lot. Like I said, some truck stops were clean as a whistle. When police rolled through, truckers would announce their arrival and precise location.

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Indeed, what Perlman captures in is visceral and harrowing.

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