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advertise avisar, anunciar The xt.nre's advertising a sale. advise avisar, informar We were advised of the dangers of the trip. 227 acknowledgment ENGLISH-SPANISH admiration the wedding presents yet. acquaint ° to be acquainted conocerse Are you two acquainted? Todavía no han dado las gracias por los regalos de boda. ° again and again una y otra vez, muchas veces I'll do this again and again. ° never again nunca más Never again will I make that mistake. ° of age mayor de edad He'll come of age next year.

° by air por vía aérea, por avión I'd like to go by air, if possible. La administración de un nuevo medicamento detuvo la epidemia. ▲ administración The administration of a new drug curbed the epidemic. after [adv] detrás The man walked ahead and the woman came after. ° after all después de todo You're right, after all.

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agreeable agradable She has an agreeable disposition.

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